Możdżer on “Wesele!”

 Globalisation. Corporatocracy. The concentration of capital. The gibberish of the economists and the pharmaceutical companies. The homogenisation of culture. What can we do? We can do our own thing! It may not always be perfectly balanced, but it’s something we always do together. It may not always be the epitome of excellence, but it is always sincere and meaningful. It comes from the root, it is born of tradition, and through musical arrangement, simple everyday things in the life of the village can gleam and shine and be transformed into rituals that are full of love.
Tęgie Chłopy is doing wonderful work, and in this production we are witnessess to a combining of the group’s sharp intellect with a feel for the principle of musical phrasing that is a cornerstone of popular music. The tradition demands to be taken seriously and handled with care so that its sides and corners remain undamaged. In it, emanating from their toil, we can sense the dignity and virtue of a people born of the soil. Yes, this is nothing less than the language of the soil and of the earth. Our language. Thanks to this recording, we feel as if we have been born again.
Leszek Możdżer